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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! In U.S. History we will study from the beginnings of our nation and the formation of our government through a terrible war that almost destroyed the country. We’ll learn who started the U.S.A., how it was born,  and why it was formed. We’ll focus on the rapid growth of the United States “from sea to shining sea”.  And we’ll study the great division between North and South that threatened to tear the nation in two. How did we ever survive to be the great nation we are today? What battles were waged, on battlefields, in society, and in the courtrooms, to win and protect the rights we enjoy today? I hope you will come to love the story as I do.

President Obama

Our Last President

Our last President, Barack Obama, was one of the youngest ever to become President. His election was due, in part, to the activities of millions of young people. Student groups and millions of first-time voters were energized by his message and worked hard to help get him elected. 

Do you want to know more? I suggest you read Mr. Obama's first book, Dreams From My Father. Born in Hawaii, he only remembers meeting his Kenyan father once. As a child, he lived for a few years in Indonesia with his white mother and an Indonesian step-father. Then he returned to Hawaii and lived with his mother's parents through High School. In the book, he details this early part of his life story and then describes his visits to Kenya and meeting his father's side of the family, including his step-brothers and sisters. It is a fascinating story of a life quite unlike that of any President we have had before.



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